Activate your LiveUp

partner benefits!

Thanks for signing up to LiveUp. Activate your Netflix benefits to maximize your LiveUp membership. If you are a Netflix user, you are also eligible to enjoy these benefits.

We've created a step-by-step activation guide for you. Click on one of our partner logos below to begin!


How to activate?

Want to enjoy up to 2 months of Netflix included with your LiveUp annual membership? Here's how!

If you are new to Netflix, please follow these steps

Click link in welcome email titled "Welcome to LiveUp!"

Create a new Netflix account by entering your preferred email address and password. You've successfully redeemed your gift!

If you have an existing Netflix account, simply follow the same steps listed.

After step 2, sign in to your Netflix account to apply the credits to your Netflix account!

How to check?

Follow these steps to check if you have activated your Netflix benefits successfully!

Sign in to your Netflix account

If you are new to Netflix, you should see "Billed through LiveUp" as your payment info.

If you have an existing Netflix account, you will see that your credits are applied to your next bill!



How to activate?

  1. in your welcome email from the LiveUp Team, there will be a link to redeem your Grab benefits
  2. Fill in the form and click on the button!
  3. You will receive an email/in-app notification from Grab within 24 hours confirming your successful activation.